What you should know if you need to verify your Ryanair booking

As part of the service we provide to you we would usually include completing check-in on your behalf. However, Ryanair now requires some customers to verify their identity before they can check in.

What is the verification for?

At Kiwi.com we aim to remove the anxiety associated with air travel by managing your booking for you, usually this includes completing check-in on your behalf. Unfortunately, Ryanair has introduced a new and excessive step by requiring some customers to complete verification. 

If your booking is selected, Ryanair may ask you to verify your identity by submitting a photo of your ID, your signature, and in some cases, your recent photo before you can check in online or add extra services. 

How much does the verification cost?

Ryanair offers two types of verification — Standard and Express verification. If you’d like Express verification, they charge a fee of less than €1.

Do I always have to verify my booking?

No, Ryanair only requires some passengers to complete verification. We’ll let you know if it applies to your booking and guide you through the process.

What happens if I don’t verify?

You’ll need to check in at the airport and Ryanair might charge you a non-refundable check-in fee of €55 per traveler. That’s why it’s important to complete the verification process if your booking requires it.

How long does verification take?

If you choose the Standard verification, it takes up to 7 days for Ryanair to complete it. The Express verification is usually done within a few minutes.

What documents do I need for verification?

To complete the Ryanair verification, you’ll need your Ryanair reservation number (called “PNR”), the email address we used to make your reservation, and your passport or national ID. We’ll email these to you. You’ll also need a device with a camera because Ryanair might also ask for some photos.

Is my data safe?

Ryanair states they are fully GDPR compliant and only hold your data for the duration of the verification process.

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