Your e-ticket

Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll send you a confirmation email with your e-ticket attached. It can take some time to process your booking with the carriers, so if you don’t receive confirmation immediately, don’t worry.

It’s important that you review your e-ticket, as it contains useful information about your trip and the check-in process for each of your flights. 

Make sure to travel with a copy of your e-ticket
If your flight is eligible for online check-in, we’ll check you in, and send you your boarding pass. In an instance where your flight would not be eligible for online check-in, you might need to show the airline your e-ticket to check in and receive a boarding pass. You can download your e-ticket through the app, by going to your account, or through the confirmation email we sent.

An e-ticket is not the same as a boarding pass
Although it’s important to bring a copy of your e-ticket, it will not substitute a boarding pass. A boarding pass shows that you’ve checked into your flight, and is required to be allowed onto the plane. 

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