AirHelp Plus passenger rights assistance

AirHelp Plus is an extra service we offer in collaboration with our partner AirHelp. It’s here to assist you with a possible airline compensation claim if your flight gets delayed, canceled, or overbooked.

If you add this service during booking, AirHelp will automatically check your claim after your trip. If you’re entitled to compensation, they’ll reach out to you and help you collect it from the airline(s) with no further fees

What compensation can I get with AirHelp Plus?

Depending on the applicable regulations, you might get:
  • Flight compensation: up to €600 for flight delays, cancellations, and overbookings.
  • Cost reimbursement: up to €6,000 for extra costs caused by a delay, including lost baggage and missed reservations (hotels, flights, etc.).

How does it work exactly?

  • When you purchase the AirHelp Plus service, we’ll add it to all flights and all passengers in your booking. You’ll receive an email confirmation of the service. 
  • If your flight gets affected by a known issue, we’ll refer you to AirHelp to begin the process for your claim. Make sure you keep all documentation provided to you by the airline and follow the steps in the email.
  • AirHelp will deal with the airline on your behalf and will send you any available compensation.

What if I don’t add AirHelp Plus?

You can also claim your compensation directly from the airline(s) on your own, or you can contact AirHelp afterwards. AirHelp has a lot of expertise and experience, and they'll only charge you if they help you win compensation from the airlines.

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