Cooperation with AirHelp

If your flight gets delayed, canceled, or overbooked, you might be entitled to compensation from the airlines. But the compensation is not always easy to get, and that’s why we cooperate with AirHelp.

What’s AirHelp?

AirHelp is the world leader in air passenger rights assistance. They’ve helped over 16 million passengers understand their rights and claim compensation, and they can also help you. 

We recommend AirHelp as they’re specialists in the field, making the claim process as simple and stress-free as possible. Their resources and expertise enable them to handle complex claims and push airlines if they refuse to pay.

What compensation can I get?

Depending on the applicable regulations, you might get:
  • Flight compensation: up to €600 for flight delays, cancellations, and overbookings.

How do you cooperate?

When we know that your flight was disrupted and you could be eligible for compensation, we might reach out to you and refer you to AirHelp.

If you add AirHelp Plus when booking with us, AirHelp will assist you for no further fees. If you don’t have AirHelp Plus, they’ll deduct their fee from the successfully claimed compensation.

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