How can I change my trip?

You can change your trip up to 48 hours before the journey. Trip changes must be made for all passengers on the itinerary.
When changing your trip, keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to check visa and COVID-19 requirements for both layover and final destinations. 
To request a change, sign in, open your trip, and scroll down to the Trip summary section. Click “Change” in the top right corner and search for a new route or new dates.
If you have more segments and it's possible to change some of them separately, you can choose to change the whole itinerary or just a part of it. If it's not possible, you won't be able to choose.
When you click “Search”, we'll show you all possible options with the various carriers' prices. Some changes might be for free, while others might be more expensive than a new ticket. The price always depends on the carrier(s) and your fare type.

If you like one of the options, you can continue with the change. If there’s any fee, you’ll need to pay to proceed.
The price you see is always final. There are no additional refunds or deductions for the replaced flights.

If you’d rather apply for a refund, please cancel the whole itinerary and make a new booking. In some cases, it might be cheaper. You’ll find more in our
Refunds and cancellations article.
When we change your trip, we’ll send you a confirmation with the new e-ticket. This can take a few hours.

Additional changes

You won't be able to change your itinerary online if it has been changed before.

If you need to make further changes, please contact us.
After you change your trip once, the lowest fare type — Saver Ticket — rules will apply for all other changes or cancellations. 

Other specific changes

If you have a special request or don't see a trip you like, our agents can assist you manually.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the search results and click “Manual change request”. You can specify the details in the description.

Our agents will check the possibilities and get back to you with the options via email.

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