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Poland is a lovely country in Europe, with a lot of places to visit.

Warsaw is the capital and also one of the biggest cities.

There are other interesting cities like Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań and many others where you can travel during your trip to Poland.

While in Poland we recommend you to try some of the best local delicacies like bigos, zrazy, pierogi, knedle, pierniki.

Poland has more than two airports where you can travel from any location. And the major ones you can arrive at are Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice (KRK), Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (GDN), Katowice International airport (KTW), Copernicus Airport, Wrocław (WRO), Warsaw Modlin airport (WMI), Poznań–Ławica airport (POZ).

If you arrive at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) in Warsaw, which is also the largest airport in the country, and you’re traveling further, no worries. Poland is well connected so it takes a few hours to reach other cities.

Poland accepts Euro. If you’re arriving from a country where the currency is other than Euro, it would be beneficial to exchange money in advance of your trip to Poland.

Poland has a population of 38.1 million inhabitants, making it one of the top 100 most populated countries in the world.

The only official language in Poland is Polish. However, the majority of people can speak one more language besides their native one; usually it is Silesian, Kashubian, English, German, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Romany, French, Italian, Rusyn, Spanish, Lithuanian, Vietnamese.

Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany have borders with Poland.

The climate in Poland is temperate seasonal, the same as in the rest of the countries in that part of the world. If you travel to Poland during the summertime, then you don’t need to bring warm clothes with you as the weather is usually nice and balmy. Although if you travel at the end of the summer you might want to bring a light sweater with you as it can get a bit chilly in the evenings. Nevertheless, when you’re visiting Poland we recommend you to check the weather forecast before your trip to be prepared for any situation.

Travel guide to Poland

What should you not do in Poland?
While in Poland, you are allowed to exchange currency only in banks or specialized exchange offices. Changing the currency from street exchangers is considered to be a serious crime. In no case, you should resort to the services of individuals. Watch out!
Is it customary to tip in Poland?
The customary amount of tips is around 10% to 15% of the total order. Note that tipping with your credit card is not common. However, in some establishments, the total bill may include the service charge. Be careful with your words when the wait staff collects the bill! Simple ‘thank you’ or ‘dziękuje’ (‘djenkuje’) means that you don’t want any change back. Use ‘proszę’ (‘pro-sheh’, which means ‘please’) if that is not what you mean.
How do you pay for public transport in Poland?
Tickets for city transport are sold in vending machines. If you pay in cash, don’t worry, the machine will give you the change. You can find these vending machines both on the street and in buses. As soon as you enter the bus, validate your ticket immediately if you don’t want to be fined.
How to get around cities in Poland?
Bicycles are one of the favourite means of transport among locals. No wonder Poland is well-equipped with convenient paths for cyclists all over the city. You can rent two-wheeled vehicles at one of the many rental points. Enjoy your ride!
How to stay connected in Poland?
If your trip to Poland is short, relying on your provider's roaming services and occasional free WiFi may be enough. However, for a prolonged stay in Poland, you can get a SIM card with more than a dozen gigabytes of traffic just for several euro. If your phone supports eSIMs, the change will be a piece of cake. To purchase the card, you will need to present a valid ID.
Can I use euros in Poland?
Even though Poland is part of the European Union, the country still uses its own currency, the zloty. Euro is not accepted almost anywhere, except for the most touristic cafes and restaurants. To exchange money, look for a “Kantor” sign; it’s an exchange office in Polish.
How do you get around in Poland?
There are two tariffs for all types of public transport — day and night. The latter comes in force after 23:00 and till 5:00. Mind that the fare increases 2-3 times at night. Nevertheless, coming back from late drinks at a bar in such a way, it’s still cheaper than to take a taxi.
Are taxis expensive in Poland?
If you travel in the company of four or more people, you may find it beneficial to take a taxi. Prices in Poland are quite acceptable for this means of transport. Keep in mind that after 22:00, the taxi rate changes and becomes higher.
Can I dring tap water in Poland?
Poland is equipped with water purification systems. You can safely drink tap water. Be sure to take a reusable bottle with you.
Are taxis in Poland safe?
Taxis are a great way to move around the city, but be careful while choosing your cab. It’d better be explicitly marked and have a rate card and a counter. A trip with some ‘privateer’ driver may cost you a pretty penny! You can also call some reliable company or make an online order. If you wish to pay with a credit card, check in advance if that is an option.
What should I avoid in Poland?
Polish laws are quite strict about drink-driving. If the level of alcohol in your blood exceeds 0.2‰, you can’t drive any vehicle. 0.2-0.5‰ may result in a driving ban and a fine. Anything above 0.5‰ leads to criminal conviction! All in all, if you plan to relax in a bar, opt for public transport or a taxi.
What food is Poland famous for?
Kolorowa is an ice cream brand created in 1972 and considered by locals to be the best ice cream in Poland. There is a huge line to its stalls in summer, but the taste of this ice cream is worth waiting for! The cost of one portion is about 6 zloty (ca. 1.3 euro.)
Will my debit card work in Poland?
You can use your credit card in many of the city’s shops, cafes, and restaurants. However, public toilets and outdoor markets may lack such an option. In some cases, even cafes and restaurants charge visitors a small fee for using their facilities. Besides, you may need to buy tickets for public transport via vending machines. Keep some coins a hand — you’ll never know when you need them!
What is a popular Polish food?
Pierogi is a popular Polish food. These are dumplings with different stuffing. But the most famous version of this dish is pierogi with mushrooms and cabbage, made in the shape of a horned moon. If you're really hungry, try pierogi with minced mushrooms — these dumplings are much bigger and very tasty.
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