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The country in Africa where the official language is Kinyarwanda and the currency Rwandan franc (RWF), this is Rwanda. The capital of the country is Kigali. Other cities which you can explore are Gisenyi.

While traveling around Rwanda try some of the best local specialities like Isombe, Matoke, Brochettes, Ugali, igisafuria.

Rwanda doesn’t use Euro or US dollar, exchanging cash before traveling is always recommended. Although credit and debit cards are also universally accepted throughout the capital, we highly advise you to carry a small amount of cash and coins with you.

With a population of roughly 12.37 million, Rwanda is one of the top 100 most populated countries in the world.

The official language of Rwanda is Kinyarwanda. Whilst the majority of people speak Kinyarwanda, it is not uncommon to hear locals talking in French, English, Swahili – these are the languages most spoken in Rwanda.

Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda has a temperate climate with dry and hot summers and mild winters. When packing your backpack, don’t forget the sunblocker to protect your skin from the sun. Also, take the cultural context into consideration when packing your clothes. It’s worth learning about local traditions in advance of your trip to Rwanda.

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