How do I manage flights with the mobile app?

Tap the list icon on the right of the page to manage your booking, download tickets, view all notifications, get help, adjust your preferences, view Favourite flights, or rate the application.
My Tickets
This feature provides you with offline access to all of your documents including your e-tickets and boarding passes.

My Booking
When you are online, this feature will allow you to access and make changes and additions to your booking.

We send push notifications for all of the important events in your booking. You may revisit these notifications with this feature.

Price Alerts
By adding Price Alerts, you'll be able to:
  • Receive notifications whenever the price drops below your chosen level.
  • Find the flight again easily.
To add a Price Alert, search for a flight, then tap one of the offered destinations to view the options. Under the 4th option, tap the yellow button ‘Add Price Alert’ and set the maximum price that you want to pay.

To find these again, simply tap the list icon in the top right corner of your screen and tap Price Alerts.

Please rate our application and help make it even better with your feedback.

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