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Manchester travel tips

1) See the history of Manchester in Manchester Cathedral

The warm staff of Manchester Cathedral is glad to see you in the cathedral and to tell you a lot about this absolutely for free. Go there to observe medieval choirs and ancient archives, bees on the roof and kangaroos carved on thrones. Check the affiche if you have enough time to visit classical music concerts or served with coffee and wine fairs set to jazz in it.

2) Step back in time at Stockport Air Raid Shelters in Manchester

Head to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters in Manchester to experience Britain's past and see what life was like during The Second World War and how local people came here to stay safe during air raids. The bravest guys may opt for a night walk in this place, a bit spooky but very true-to-life.

3) Follow the steps of Queen Mother Elizabeth and Winston Churchill in Manchester

Take a fancy shot at the background of the Midland Hotel in Manchester. It is not only a stunning-looking building but also a site to stay for outstanding people. In November 1959, Queen Mother Elizabeth dined at a hotel restaurant after watching a performance. Winston Churchill made political speeches within the walls of this building.

Travelers usually depart from Barcelona–El Prat, Barcelona - Sants, Barcelona - Estació del Nord, Barcelona - Urgell, or Barcelona - Franca Railway Station when they travel from Barcelona to Manchester. Book your trip to arrive at Manchester, Manchester - Shudehill Interchange, Manchester-New Moston, Manchester-Miles Platting, or Manchester-Failsworth. The distance between Barcelona and Manchester is 1381 km. The most popular airlines for this route are Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Wizz Air. Barcelona and Manchester have 372 direct flights per week. When you arrive at Manchester, consider visiting Caernarfon, Portmeirion, Snowdonia, and York Minster.

Weekly direct flights

Direct flights3123-23
Fly direct with

Ryanair on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Jet2 on Thursdays, and Sundays.

easyJet on Mondays, and Fridays.

Vueling on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Check-in for a flight from Barcelona to Manchester

NameCarrier codeIATA CodePassport needed during bookingOnline check-in available
RyanairRYRFRNoOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight
easyJetEZYU2YesOpens 720 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight
VuelingVLGVYNoOpens 168 days before flight
Closes 4 hours before flight
KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKLMKLYesOpens 30 days before flight
Closes 1 hours before flight
Wizz AirWZZW6NoOpens 48 days before flight
Closes 3 hours before flight

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to travel from Barcelona to Manchester?
A one-way nonstop (direct) flight between Barcelona and Manchester takes around 2.7 hours.
What is the flight distance between Barcelona and Manchester?
The flight distance between Barcelona and Manchester is 1381 km.
What airlines offer nonstop (direct) flights between Barcelona and Manchester?
Several carriers operate flights between Barcelona and Manchester. Airlines offering nonstop (direct) flights include Ryanair, Jet2, easyJet, Vueling.
What are the most popular routes to and from Barcelona?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Barcelona and New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Denver, Chicago, Rome, Paris, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Dublin, Ibiza, Berlin, Washington, D.C., Palma, Majorca, Orlando, Seattle, Atlanta, Seville.
What are the most popular routes to and from Manchester?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Manchester and New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Denver, Dallas, Boston, Orlando, San Francisco, London, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Istanbul, Dublin, Madrid, Amman, Raleigh, Athens, Minneapolis, Copenhagen, Chicago.
What airports are near Barcelona?
The main airport in Barcelona is Barcelona–El Prat. It is also served by Barcelona–El Prat, Girona–Costa Brava, Perpignan–Rivesaltes, Béziers Cap d Agde, Castellón–Costa Azahar, Reus, Carcassonne, Lleida–Alguaire.
What airports are near Manchester?
The main airport in Manchester is Manchester. It is also served by London Stansted, Luton, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool John Lennon, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, East Midlands.
What buses and trains depart from Barcelona?
A number of bus and train companies depart from Barcelona, including Renfe.
Is it possible to combine flights, buses, and trains in one itinerary when traveling between Barcelona and Manchester?
Yes, it's possible to combine different modes of transport between Barcelona and Manchester thanks to our Virtual Interlining technology. Making use of not only flights but also trains and buses between Barcelona and Manchester can give rise to new adventures. Read more about how Virtual Interlining works on Stories.
What is Virtual Interlining and how do I use it?
Which airlines fly between Barcelona and Manchester?
When's the best time to travel between Barcelona and Manchester?
What flights operate between Barcelona and Manchester?
How many airports are there near Barcelona?
How many airports are there near Manchester?
Is it possible to reach Barcelona by bus or train?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Barcelona and Manchester depart?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Barcelona and Manchester arrive?
What time do flights between Barcelona and Manchester depart?
What time do flights between Barcelona and Manchester arrive?

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