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Barcelona travel tips

1) Watch the performance of water, light and music at the Magic Fountain in Barcelona.

The Magic Fountain on Montjuic hill was originally built in 1929. Its present-day version has 3,620 water jets circulating 2,600 litres of recycled water every second. The water spout can rise 52 m in the air! The 4,760 lights work in unison with the jets to create spectacular shows. Note that the schedule of the shows differs throughout the year. In June - September, they start at 21:30 from Wednesday to Sunday.

2) Visit the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona — one of the largest museums in Spain

The National Art Museum of Catalonia has an extensive collection of visual art, from Romanesque church paintings to modernist works. It is located in Palau Nacional, a 50,000 square metres classical-style building constructed in 1929. The Palace is crowned by a large dome similar to one of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City. Even if you are not much of a museum-goer, come here to see the Palace in all its grandeur.

3) Be careful while discussing politics in Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. There are some serious tensions between this region and the Spanish government. During the 2017 referendum, 90% of Catalans supported the idea of creating an independent state, but the Constitutional Court of Spain declared it illegal. Think twice before commenting on the political situation in the region not to offend the locals!

Travelers usually depart from Miami International, Miami, FL Train Station, Miami, FL - Bayside Marketplace, Miami FL - Little Havana, or Miami, FL - Port Of Miami when they travel from Miami to Barcelona. Book your trip to arrive at Barcelona–El Prat, Barcelona - Sants, Barcelona - Estació del Nord, Barcelona - Urgell, or Barcelona - Franca Railway Station. The distance between Miami and Barcelona is 7553 km. The most popular airlines for this route are Vueling, TAP Portugal, Iberia Airlines, United Airlines, and Ryanair. Miami and Barcelona have 401 direct flights per week. When you arrive at Barcelona, consider visiting Sagrada Familia, Teatre-Museu Dalí, Camp Nou, and Museu Picasso - Barcelona.

Weekly direct flights

Direct flights1111-11
Fly direct with

Finnair on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Check-in for a flight from Miami to Barcelona

NameCarrier codeIATA CodePassport needed during bookingOnline check-in available
VuelingVLGVYNoOpens 168 days before flight
Closes 4 hours before flight
TAP PortugalTAPTPYesOpens 36 days before flight
Closes 1 hours before flight
Iberia AirlinesIBEIBYesOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 3 hours before flight
United AirlinesUALUAYesNo
RyanairRYRFRNoOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to travel from Miami to Barcelona?
A one-way nonstop (direct) flight between Miami and Barcelona takes around 8.8 hours.
What is the flight distance between Miami and Barcelona?
The flight distance between Miami and Barcelona is 7553 km.
What airlines offer nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and Barcelona?
Several carriers operate flights between Miami and Barcelona. Airlines offering nonstop (direct) flights include Finnair.
What are the most popular routes to and from Miami?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Miami and New York, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Mexico City, London, Caracas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Boston, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Athens, Washington, D.C., Bucharest.
What are the most popular routes to and from Barcelona?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Barcelona and New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Denver, London, Tel Aviv, Seattle, Orlando, Madrid, Atlanta, Oakland, Washington, D.C., Paris, Dallas, Budapest, Las Vegas, Houston, Portland.
What airports are near Miami?
The main airport in Miami is Miami International. It is also served by Miami International, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International, Southwest Florida International, Palm Beach International, Punta Gorda, Naples Municipal, Fort Lauderdale Executive, Vero Beach Regional.
What airports are near Barcelona?
The main airport in Barcelona is Barcelona–El Prat. It is also served by Barcelona–El Prat, Girona–Costa Brava, Carcassonne, Perpignan–Rivesaltes, Reus, Béziers Cap d Agde, Castellón–Costa Azahar, Lleida–Alguaire.
What buses and trains depart from Miami?
A number of bus and train companies depart from Miami, including Amtrak train.
Is it possible to combine flights, buses, and trains in one itinerary when traveling between Miami and Barcelona?
Yes, it's possible to combine different modes of transport between Miami and Barcelona thanks to our Virtual Interlining technology. Making use of not only flights but also trains and buses between Miami and Barcelona can give rise to new adventures. Read more about how Virtual Interlining works on Stories.
What is Virtual Interlining and how do I use it?
Which airlines fly between Miami and Barcelona?
When's the best time to travel between Miami and Barcelona?
What flights operate between Miami and Barcelona?
How many airports are there near Miami?
How many airports are there near Barcelona?
Is it possible to reach Miami by bus or train?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and Barcelona depart?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and Barcelona arrive?
What time do flights between Miami and Barcelona depart?
What time do flights between Miami and Barcelona arrive?

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