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London travel tips

1) The London Pass touristic card is valid one year after activation

The London Pass includes skip-the-line theatre and museum tickets, sightseeing tours, tours to the Wimbledon courts, tickets to select football matches, and much more. A one-day card costs 59 GBP (68 EUR) or 79 GBP (92 EUR) for two days. There are also tickets for 3, 6, and 10 days. There is also an unusual condition: the total amount of entrance tickets must not exceed 90 GBP, and the card is valid for a year from the moment of activation.

2) Take a photo of a red telephone booth and a double-decker bus in London

The red telephone booth and London's famous doubledecker have long been the main symbols of London and the whole of England. The walls of the soundproofed telephone booth are made of 18 glass squares. As for the buses, they were always painted red to be easily seen in the London smog.

3) Walk in the charming neighbourhood where the Notting Hill movie was filmed in London

Notting Hill is a charming and atmospheric neighbourhood with colourful houses. The movie of the same name was filmed here. If you like, you can check out The Travel Bookshop, where Julia Roberts and Richard Gere's heroes met. The famous Portobello Road Market is also nearby.

Travelers usually depart from Miami International, Miami, FL Train Station, Miami, FL - Bayside Marketplace, Miami FL - Little Havana, or Miami, FL - Port Of Miami when they travel from Miami to London. Book your trip to arrive at Heathrow, London Stansted, Luton, Gatwick, or London City. The distance between Miami and London is 7116 km. The most popular airlines for this route are TAP Portugal, Ryanair, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. Miami and London have 401 direct flights per week. When you arrive at London, consider visiting St. David's Cathedral, Cardiff, Portsea Island, Tower of London, Stonehenge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Tate Modern, British Museum, Avebury, St Fagans: National History Museum, Tintern Abbey, United Kingdom, Natural History Museum, Roman Baths, Bath, and Isle of Wight.

Weekly direct flights

Direct flights5555-55
Fly direct with

American Airlines on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Air France on Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Finnair on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

British Airways on Fridays, and Saturdays.

Delta Air Lines on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on Fridays, and Sundays.

Check-in for a flight from Miami to London

NameCarrier codeIATA CodePassport needed during bookingOnline check-in available
TAP PortugalTAPTPYesOpens 36 days before flight
Closes 1 hours before flight
RyanairRYRFRNoOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight
United AirlinesUALUAYesNo
American AirlinesAALAAYesNo
Delta Air LinesDALDLYesOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 1 hours before flight

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to travel from Miami to London?
A one-way nonstop (direct) flight between Miami and London takes around 8.5 hours.
What is the flight distance between Miami and London?
The flight distance between Miami and London is 7116 km.
What airlines offer nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and London?
Several carriers operate flights between Miami and London. Airlines offering nonstop (direct) flights include Finnair, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
What are the most popular routes to and from Miami?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Miami and New York, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Mexico City, Caracas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Boston, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Athens, Washington, D.C., Bucharest.
What are the most popular routes to and from London?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as London and New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Raleigh, Denver, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Paris, Houston, Minneapolis, Dublin, Seattle, Athens, Austin, Charlotte.
What airports are near Miami?
The main airport in Miami is Miami International. It is also served by Miami International, Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International, Southwest Florida International, Palm Beach International, Punta Gorda, Naples Municipal, Fort Lauderdale Executive, Vero Beach Regional.
What airports are near London?
The main airport in London is Heathrow. It is also served by Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Southampton, Doncaster Sheffield, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Exeter, Cambridge, Coventry.
What buses and trains depart from Miami?
A number of bus and train companies depart from Miami, including Amtrak train.
Is it possible to combine flights, buses, and trains in one itinerary when traveling between Miami and London?
Yes, it's possible to combine different modes of transport between Miami and London thanks to our Virtual Interlining technology. Making use of not only flights but also trains and buses between Miami and London can give rise to new adventures. Read more about how Virtual Interlining works on Stories.
What is Virtual Interlining and how do I use it?
Which airlines fly between Miami and London?
When's the best time to travel between Miami and London?
What flights operate between Miami and London?
How many airports are there near Miami?
How many airports are there near London?
Is it possible to reach Miami by bus or train?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and London depart?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Miami and London arrive?
What time do flights between Miami and London depart?
What time do flights between Miami and London arrive?

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