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Travelers usually depart from Glasgow, Glasgow Prestwick, or Glasgow - Buchanan when they travel from Glasgow to Toulouse. Book your trip to arrive at Toulouse–Blagnac, or Toulouse - Matabiau. The most popular airlines for this route are Ryanair, easyJet, Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways. Glasgow and Toulouse have 358 direct flights per week.

Check-in for a flight from Glasgow to Toulouse

NameCarrier codeIATA CodePassport needed during bookingOnline check-in available
RyanairRYRFRNoOpens 24 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight
easyJetEZYU2YesOpens 720 days before flight
Closes 2 hours before flight
Air FranceAFRAFYesOpens 30 days before flight
Closes 1 hours before flight
British AirwaysBAWBAYes0

Toulouse travel tips

1) Public smoking is not uncommon in Toulouse

Smoking gradually loses its popularity in France, although it is still quite fashionable. Officially smoking is prohibited indoors and on public transport (except taxis). Some outdoor areas, frequented by children, also have restrictions. However, you may face a plume of smoke at an outdoor cafe or simply walking in the street. Alas, non-smokers will have to adjust to that part of French culture. If you are a smoker — don’t abuse extra freedom, mind other people’s comfort and health!

2) When in Toulouse, see how the world's largest passenger airliners are built

Toulouse hosts the final assembly production of Airbus, the top producer of civil jetliners. Its gigantic 700-hectare factory is located near the airport in Blagnac, 10km from the city centre. You can take a tour to the A380 and A350XWB production lines. You'll also be able to come inside A400M military transport aircraft. Other sections of the site can be explored on a bus. Note that you might need to book a tour in advance. Alas, for security reasons, cameras aren't allowed.

3) In Toulouse, look for fresh baguettes in the morning

French baguettes are to be consumed on the day of purchase. The boulangeries are full of them in the morning, but in the afternoon they might take a break for lunch or close altogether, if they run out of fresh bread. At that time of the day, you may find some artisan bread, but not a famous fresh baguette. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock!

Learn more about COVID-19 restrictions in France in our dedicated Stories article.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular routes to and from Glasgow?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Glasgow and London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Málaga, Dublin, Palma, Majorca, Rome, Budapest, Alicante, Lisbon, Faro, Istanbul, New York, Paris, Tenerife, Madrid, Athens, Porto, Brussels, Bucharest.
What are the most popular routes to and from Toulouse?
Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Toulouse and London, Manchester, Montreal, Dublin, Edinburgh, Athens, Paris, Bristol, Birmingham, Thessaloniki, Riga, Madrid, Toronto, Reykjavik, Heraklion, Malta, Copenhagen, Saint-Denis, Brussels, Amsterdam.
Which airports are there in Glasgow?
Glasgow is mainly served by Glasgow. But there are other airports nearby, including Glasgow Prestwick.
What airports are near Glasgow?
The main airport in Glasgow is Glasgow. It is also served by Edinburgh Airport, Newcastle, Inverness, Aberdeen, Durham Tees Valley, Campbeltown, Dundee.
What airports are near Toulouse?
The main airport in Toulouse is Toulouse–Blagnac. It is also served by Bordeaux–Mérignac, Toulouse–Blagnac, Girona–Costa Brava, Biarritz Pays Basque, Montpellier–Méditerranée, Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées, Béziers Cap d Agde, Pau Pyrénées, Perpignan–Rivesaltes, Carcassonne.
What buses and trains depart from Glasgow?
A number of bus and train companies depart from Glasgow, including Megabus bus.
Is it possible to combine flights, buses, and trains in one itinerary when traveling between Glasgow and Toulouse?
Yes, it's possible to combine different modes of transport between Glasgow and Toulouse thanks to our Virtual Interlining technology. Making use of not only flights but also trains and buses between Glasgow and Toulouse can give rise to new adventures. Read more about how Virtual Interlining works on Stories.
What is Virtual Interlining and how do I use it?
Virtual Interlining provides a revolutionary way of traveling. You can combine different modes of transport like flights, trains, and buses into one itinerary. And this often saves money. Thanks to the world's largest carrier database, the search function enables anyone to mix and match different modes of transport easily.
Which airlines fly between Glasgow and Toulouse?
Currently, you can fly between Glasgow and Toulouse with Ryanair, easyJet, Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways.
When's the best time to travel between Glasgow and Toulouse?
What flights operate between Glasgow and Toulouse?
How many airports are there near Glasgow?
How many airports are there near Toulouse?
Is it possible to reach Glasgow by bus or train?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Glasgow and Toulouse depart?
What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Glasgow and Toulouse arrive?
What time do flights between Glasgow and Toulouse depart?
What time do flights between Glasgow and Toulouse arrive?

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