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Travelers usually depart from Rogue Valley International–Medford, or Medford, OR - Greyhound Station when they travel from Medford to Brno. Book your trip to arrive at Brno Hlavní Nádraží, Brno–Tuřany, Brno - Hotel Grand Bus Station, Brno - Židenice , or Brno - Zvonařka . When you arrive at Brno, consider visiting MQ – Museumsquartier Wien, and Sedlec Ossuary.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular routes to and from Medford?

Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Medford and McCarran International, Los Angeles International, Phoenix Sky Harbor International, San Francisco International, George Bush Intercontinental, Seattle–Tacoma International, Charlotte Douglas International, John Wayne, Boise, Gerald R. Ford International, Spokane International.

What airports are near Medford?

The main airport in Medford is Rogue Valley International–Medford. It is also served by Rogue Valley International–Medford, Eugene, Redding Municipal, Del Norte County, Crater Lake–Klamath Regional, Southwest Oregon Regional.

What airports are near Brno?

The main airport in Brno is Brno–Tuřany. It is also served by Václav Havel Airport Prague, Vienna International Airport, John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice, Katowice International, Bratislava Airport, Brno–Tuřany, Pardubice Airport, Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava, Linz, Gyor-Per International Airport.

What buses and trains depart from Medford?

A number of bus and train companies depart from Medford, including Greyhound.

Is it possible to combine flights, buses, and trains in one itinerary when traveling between Medford and Brno?

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What flights operate between Medford and Brno?

How many airports are there near Medford?

How many airports are there near Brno?

Is it possible to reach Medford by bus or train?

What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Medford and Brno depart?

What time do nonstop (direct) flights between Medford and Brno arrive?

What time do flights between Medford and Brno depart?

What time do flights between Medford and Brno arrive?

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