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Travel to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The country in Europe where the official language is English and the currency Pound sterling (GBP), this is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The country is full of lovely places and natural areas to go to. The most popular city is London with all its historical parts.

Other cities which are good to go to are London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol.

During your journey around United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you can taste fish and chips, english breakfast, Shepherd's pie, beef wellington, afternoon tea and many other local delicacies.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has more than two international airports where you can land from any location. And the biggest ones you can arrive at are London Heathrow Airport (LHR), London Gatwick Airport (LGW), Manchester Airport (MAN), London Stansted Airport (STN), London Luton Airport (LTN), Edinburgh Airport (EDI), Birmingham Airport (BHX), Bristol Airport (BRS), Glasgow Airport (GLA), Belfast International Airport (BFS), Newcastle Airport (NCL), London City Airport (LCY), Liverpool Airport (LPL).

If you arrive at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) in London, which is also the biggest airport in the country, and you’re traveling further, no worries. It takes a few hours to get to any city within the country.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland uses Pound sterling (GBP). Therefore, we recommend you to exchange money prior to your trip for the best rates.

With a population of roughly 67 million, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the top 100 most populated countries in the world.

The official language of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is English. Whilst the largest part of residents speak English, it is very common to hear people speaking in Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Polish – these are the languages most used in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The climate in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is temperate climate, with generally cool temperatures and plentiful rainfall all year round, pretty similar to the rest of countries in that part of Europe. If you plan to go to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland during the summertime, then you don’t need to bring warm clothes with you as the weather is usually nice and balmy. Although if you plan to come at the end of the summer you might want to bring a light sweater with you as it can get a bit chilly in the evenings. Nevertheless, when you’re travelling to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland it’s better to check the weather forecast before your trip so you can pack appropriate clothes.

United Kingdom COVID-19 travel restrictions

Latest COVID-19 restrictions

United Kingdom Kingdom
  • Travel is allowed
  • No proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test is required
  • No quarantine is required
Latest COVID-19 travel restrictions in United Kingdom – 10/2022
Your trip summary

Most travelers from Toronto, YYZ can enter London, LHR, but there are restrictions.


Travel restrictions
  • Travel is allowed
  • No proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test is required
  • No quarantine is required
Visa requirements
  • No visa required
Additional information
  • Masks are recommended in certain settings


Visa requirements
  • No visa required
Forms and documents
  • Mandatory proof of vaccination for Canada
  • Mandatory contact information form via ArriveCAN for vaccinated travelers
Additional information
  • Masks are mandatory in certain settings

Information is provided as guidance only and accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites and airline materials before booking and traveling.

Learn more about COVID-19 restrictions in United Kingdom in our dedicated Stories article.

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UK travel guide

Can I use euros or dollars in the UK?
The local currency in the UK is the British pound sterling. One pound sterling is about 1.16 euros. You can exchange money at any local bank. Euro and dollar are not accepted even in most tourist places in the United Kingdom, so it is better to take care of the currency exchange in advance.
How much should you tip in the UK?
Local restaurants and cafés of the UK welcome tips. Upscale restaurants include service fees into the total bill. In cafes, do not forget to leave the tips of 10-15 percent. And if you’re grabbing a drink in a pub, 5 percent will be highly appreciated.
Can I drink tap water in the United Kingdom?
Tap water in the UK is safe for drinking. You don't need to order bottled water in local restaurants if you prefer affordable meals.
Can I use my credit card in the UK?
The UK has widely adopted the system of cashless payments. But still, take some cash with you if you like authentic shopping in the markets.
What is the best way to travel around the UK?
You can get around the United Kingdom by bus or train. Main stations are usually located not far from the city center and let you get to any location you need.
What's a traditional British food?
Scottish cuisine is based on meat, and one of the most hearty dishes is the meat pie. There are two main varieties: scotch pie (with minced meat) and scotch steak pie (with chunks of meat in a sauce).
Do the British have afternoon tea?
Even though this tradition is not as popular as it used to be, you can have an afternoon tea in the restaurant of any department store, tea room or hotel, where you will be welcome even if you are not a guest there. The British drink tea with milk and biscuits, scones with cream or jam, and fruits are served with it. But keep in mind that tea drinking is not a matter of five minutes but a whole ritual.
How do I travel around the UK on a budget?
Traditional taxis in the United Kingdom are costly, and if you want to travel on a low budget, it is best to avoid them. Better to use apps like Gett, Uber, etc.
Are all museums in the UK free?
Many UK national museums offer free admission every day. These include the National History Museum, the National Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Museum Cardiff, Gallery of Modern Art, and many more.
What is a must-try British food?
Haggis is a hearty and delicious Scottish dish worth trying for all tourists. Haggis is made of sheep heart, liver and lungs, mixed with spices and suet. It is usually served with mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, and whiskey sauce. There is also a vegetarian version of haggis. Look for this meal at any traditional restaurant.
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