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Have you searched for affordable trips in 2022? This article will help you to determine the best countries for you.

Our planet is incredible, and there are many cheap flights around the world to affordable (and beautiful) places. What about visiting, let's say, Cambodia in Asia, where you can live well for $25 per day? Even among expensive European countries, there are a lot of hidden cheaper gems like Romania or Greece, with an average cost per day of $30. And, of course, Latin America is a paradise for budget travelers. Discovering the stunning beauty of Nicaragua or Bolivia can cost about $30 per day.

Flights to Europe

It might seem so hard to decide which of the 65 European countries to visit. But believe us, you should just start anywhere! Once you start, you won't be able to get enough of traveling from one country to another and finding out the unique features of each one.

Cheapest countries to fly to in Europe

When you're looking for a low price trip, you won't regret visiting the following budget-friendly countries:

  • Romania ($30 per day) — visit Dracula-related and less known places in this charming country. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, used to be called “little Paris.” Well, it surely isn’t Paris in terms of prices, as hostels start from $7 per night and hotels from $21 per night.
  • Greece ($40 per day) — this ancient, beautiful country does not need a introduction. Just go and enjoy the beauty of cities as well as nearby islands. By the way, the food here can be pretty affordable for anyone, and portions are large.
  • Georgia ($30 per day) — you will adore this country as soon as you are greeted at the airport with a bottle of traditional Georgian wine (yes, it's true.) And do not hurry to rent a car: the subway costs $0.14 and buses cost $0.17 here.
  • Czech Republic ($40) — although this country used to be known for cheaper-than-water beer, nowadays, prices have increased slightly. Still, it remains one of the most affordable countries in Europe (for example, $12 per night for hostels.) And one more benefit for cost-conscious travelers: almost all traditional dishes are not only cheap, they also contain meat and potatoes. Thus, you can easily get completely full for the whole day.
  • Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia) — what can make your experience even better in multi-colored squares, narrow streets, and canals filled with boats? Hostels that start from $5 and an average check for hearty meals at about $10.

Cheapest month to fly to Europe

Usually, the cheapest months to fly to Europe are September, October, November, and the beginning of December. However, be aware that certain resort countries like Portugal or Spain still might be a little bit pricey in September because of the velvet season. In this case, consider traveling to the more northern countries to avoid crowds and enjoy mild weather.

Flights to Asia

Asia can offer plenty of options for travelers looking for all kinds of experiences. Here, you can find deserts, mountains, tropical forests, marvelous beaches, zen gardens, and exotic adventures. Choose your destination and get ready to immerse into other cultures and discover unusual landscapes. This part of the world will definitely surprise you.

How to book cheap flights to Southeast Asia

Consider these tips to get your trip to Southeast Asia as cheap as possible:

  • Book approximately four weeks ahead. Last-minute booking within Asia rarely works in your favor. By the way, you can use this convenient tool to find the cheapest flights.
  • Often, it is cheaper to fly to a big Asian airport and then take a bus or domestic flight to get to your destination. For example, you can go to major places like Tokyo, Hanoi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, or Taipei and then directly to a smaller city like Phuket.

Best month to fly to Asia

Usually, June and July are considered the high season to visit Asia. Nevertheless, you can feel great if you come to Asia in any month since the climate varies from country to country.

Southeast Asia has three seasons: hot, rainy, and dry. The hot season lasts from March to May. The rainy season lasts from June till October. November to February is the dry season and the best time to travel to Southeast Asia.

Flights to North America

To understand the variety of North America and what a big and fascinating place it is, just know that it includes the second biggest country in the world (Canada) and the biggest island in the world (Greenland.) And by the way, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Greenland was −69,6 °C (−93,3 °F,) and the highest temperature in California was +57 °C (+134,6 °F.) Yes, it happened on the same continent!

The best time to fly to North America

The best time to visit North America is spring, from the end of March till May, and fall, from September till October. These months are very mild in terms of climate, as well as cheap because of a reduced flow of tourism.

Officially, the high season to travel to North America is from May till September, as well as the Christmas holidays in December.

Nevertheless, if you search not for cheap flights but fun activities during the high season, you can come to North America any time and find the most suitable option. For example, while visitors in Colorado go skiing in winter, tourists in Florida catch the sun's rays and swim.

Flights to Africa

Over the last few years, Africa is becoming more and more popular. And that's for a good reason. Who can resist a mix of marvelous nature and affordable prices?

Safest countries to visit in Africa

Has a trip to magnificent Africa always been your dream? If you still haven’t dared to venture out because of certain stereotypes about African countries, use this list of the safest countries where you will have a great experience:

  • Rwanda — don’t be scared by the number of armed people in public places. They are here only for your safety, and the population of Rwanda is very friendly to tourists.
  • Botswana — a perfect destination for nature lovers since the most visited touristy places include national parks with no one around except for a guide and your group.
  • Ghana — the streets of cities are always full of friendly locals and tourists.
  • Zambia — according to the U.S. Department of State annual tourism report, Zambia is a safe travel destination. Some parts of the country, namely the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces, have higher crime rates. Still, none of them are considered unsafe by international standards.
  • Namibia — one of Africa's most politically and economically stable countries, and it boasts a low crime rate. By the way, due to low population density, you can ride here hundreds of kilometers, meeting no people on your way. A perfect secluded rest.
  • Tanzania — a must-visit if you want to see safari in its original form. A piece of advice: stay away from Arusha and Stone City after dark. All other parts of the country are safe.
  • Senegal — the crime rate in big cities here is lower than in France.
  • Gambia — the only thing you have to beware of in breaks between safari tours and chilling on the fantastic Kotu beach are pickpockets and nomads that offer tour guide services (which are actually a ripoff).

The best time to visit Africa

The best time to visit Africa is from June till October. This is the dry season, which means:

  • Comfortable weather for you as a tourist
  • Comfortable weather for wild animals that you will want to see during safari tours. During this period, you are likely to see all of them awake, playing, and running rather than sleeping or hiding in secluded places from the rain or scorching heat.

Flights to South America

South America is a heaven for adventurous travelers due to its abundance of fantastic exotic places. Besides natural landscapes, the continent is also well-known for its large number of budget-friendly countries.

Best countries to visit in South America

  • Bolivia — you can take an endless stroll along the Amazon with stops at local cafes for three-course meals costing less than $2.
  • Uruguay — this wonderful country offers you a night's stay in a good hotel (not a hostel!) for $12. When you try their traditional cuisine, you will understand why Uruguay is number one in the export of beef.
  • Chile — a piece of Europe in Latin America. To be more precise, the capital of Chile, Santiago, resembles Europe with its modern subway, pedestrian streets in the center, a huge square, and a panoramic mountain park. And a few hours' drive from there, there is a gorgeously different type of city — Valparaiso. It stands on the ocean shore with houses located on the mountainside. To get to them, you need to use special elevators, the oldest of which is over 100 years old.

Best month to visit South America

September, October, and November make up the dry season in South America, which is the best time to travel there.

December is usually a high season with higher prices and more crowds of tourists. Also, it is better to avoid traveling to South America in January and February because those are rainy months.

Flights to Oceania

Oceania consists of more than 90% greenery, making it worth visiting despite a huge distance from most continents. If you think that Oceania is only Australia and New Zealand, think again. Oceania actually includes 14 countries.

Best countries to visit in Oceania

Now, let's talk about the best countries in the region that are worth your attention and have excellent tourism facilities:

  • Australia — obvious, but true. Here you can find everything from natural wonders like Pink Lake, to architectural masterpieces like the Sydney Opera House.
  • New Zealand — the motherland of extreme sports and beyond. Watching whales, admiring fjords, and walking around modern cities are all available activities. Maybe this is why the director of Lords of Rings chose this country for filming.
  • Fiji — recognized as one of the best vacation spots in the world according to a survey by travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler. Take the chance to watch dancing on hot coals or go on rafting on bamboo rafts through the mountain rivers in the jungle.
  • Samoa — almost a pristine corner of the earth. Robert Stevenson, the author of the legendary Treasure Island, spent his last days here.
  • Solomon Islands — the site of furious battles between the English-American and Japanese fleets. Enthusiastic divers may discover plenty of sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Vanuatu — an exciting country with a mix of English, French and Melanesian cultures. In the morning you can walk around modern Port Vila and in the evening go to Ambrym Island to find out about the magic of local wizards.

The best time to visit Australia

If you aim to swim in the sea, you can visit Australia all year round. By the way, travelers from Europe and other areas of the Northern Hemisphere should note that when it's winter in their country, it's summer in Australia and vice versa.

The hottest months are from November to January (+32ºC), and the coldest ones are from June to August (+18ºC.) Usually, the most comfortable months for visiting are April-May and September-November because of the low amount of precipitation.

Best time to fly to New Zealand

Spring is the low season if you simply want to avoid crowds. If the aim of your trip is water sports, December and January are the best options for you. And ski lovers should come to New Zealand in June and July when mountain peaks are covered in snow.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get cheap flights anytime?

To get cheap flights anytime, the main rule is not to hurry to buy tickets on the first site you see. Monitor and compare prices.

If you book tickets far in advance and you are not bound to certain dates, has a perfect option for you — price alerts. Choose the route you're interested in, and on the results screen, you will see a Set up price alert button. Then, choose a price range. When you do this, will search for low prices for you on the selected route and send you an email notification as soon as the price of the route changes.

Are flights cheaper last minute?

Well, not always. Prices simply depend on the demand — the more seats available when it's getting close to the flight date, the higher the possibility that last-minute tickets will be very cheap. And on the contrary, when there are few available seats left, prices can rise even a day before the flight. The challenge is that you can never guess what the situation will be like.

How do you get the best deals on flights?

  • Use the special searching system on to compare prices.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and set up price alerts to see the best deals.
  • If it's possible, be flexible with dates. Set the date range to three-five days to get the best price.
  • Do not buy tickets in the high season. If you are planning your vacation for summer, try to get your ticket in the spring.
  • Search for evening or night flights, they are usually cheaper than morning or daytime ones.
  • Buy round-trip tickets.
  • Fly with transfers. Sometimes you'll save more money compared to direct flights.

What is the cheapest country to visit?

It depends on the continent. Here is a list of the cheapest travel destinations on each continent:

  • North America — Costa Rica
  • South America — Peru
  • Europe — Romania
  • Asia — Sri Lanka
  • Africa — Egypt
  • Oceania — New Zealand

What is the safest country to travel to?

Switzerland is the safest country in the world to travel to because:

  • Local airlines comply with international safety standards; none of them are blacklisted by the European Commission.
  • Highly careful car drivers; the mortality as a result of car accidents is the lowest in Europe.
  • A very low crime rate.
  • An advantageous ecological situation.

What is the cheapest month to fly?

Everything depends on your destination and its high season. Nevertheless, November and February are generally considered the cheapest months to fly.

Where is the cheapest place to fly now?

It depends on your departure country. For example, if you fly from the US, San Juan (Puerto Rico) is the cheapest place. If you depart from Europe, consider Madrid (Spain) or Warsaw (Poland) as budget destinations.

What is the cheapest country to fly to in Europe?

In terms of an average budget per day, Romania is the cheapest country to fly to in Europe. Consider this destination if you just want cheap flights to anywhere.

How to find cheap flights to anywhere?

You have many more possibilities to get cheap flights if you are flexible in destination and have no exact preference. To find cheap flights anywhere in the world, choose your departure location and select Anywhere as your destination on This will show you the cheapest routes from your location.

How to find cheap last-minute flights to anywhere?

  • Be flexible in destinations (by the way, you can use deals, which uses your current location and shows the cheapest flights from there).
  • Try to find popular destinations — the more popular the place is, the more flights there are, which means a competitive variety of prices.
  • Book one-way — this rule really works well for spur-of-the-moment trips. You may save more by booking two one-way tickets due to the possibility to choose, for example, a cheaper, smaller airport for your way back to the same city or even country.

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