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The island country of Japan in Northeast Asia is the symbol of futuristic creations like the bullet train, outdoor adventures such as Mount Fuji, and the yummiest food you will ever put beyond your lips.

While the expensive prices tend to turn those traveling on a budget off, the country is actually very doable on the cheap once you plan in advance.

Let's show you what to expect.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Japan?

Japan has a variety of seasons you should know about before you arrive.

Tourists tend to save their trip to Japan between March and May and September and November as the weather is warm and a lot dryer than at other times of the year. Plus, it's the Cherry Blossom Season in March, which everyone wants to see. Bear in mind that because of the nice weather, lots of people are traveling so the prices of everything dramatically increase.

A much more affordable time to visit Japan is in the summer months, from June until August, but this is when the rain is the heaviest, and there's a possibility of typhoons. But if you can brave the off-season, you'll be treated to a low-cost vacation.

Look at flying to Japan in the winter, December to March; when temperatures drop significantly, it's not uncommon for them to drop into the minuses. If you're a fan of skiing, this is an excellent time to travel to Japan.

Cheapest month to fly to Japan

Annual Avg. Price407 GBP
June 2024472 GBP
July 2024462 GBP
August 2024337 GBP
September 2024342 GBP
October 2024345 GBP
November 2024345 GBP
December 2024391 GBP
January 2025431 GBP
February 2025450 GBP
March 2025526 GBP
April 2025399 GBP
May 2025389 GBP

How To Get Around Japan

Modes Of Transport In Japan

Mode of transport
Price per person/ride
Where to buy a ticket/catch a taxi
Additional info
  • City-to-city - Average €92.77
  • internal city - average €1.13.
At the train station or online on the JR Train Website.
Book city-to-city train tickets beforehand as they sell out fast.
  • City-to-city - Average €44
  • internal city - average €1.39.
At all major bus stations from one of the ticket counters, the bus company websites.
Always board city buses from the front, buy your ticket from the driver, and get off from the back.
Internal city - €1.20
From one of the machines in the underground stations.
Always line up at the side of the subway doors to allow passengers to get off before you board.

How To Get From The Airport To The City Center

Airport name
Nearest biggest city
Mode of transport
Price per person/ride
Haneda Airport International Airport (HND)
13 minutes
Kansai International Airport (KIX)
60 minutes
Fukuoka Airport (FUK)
15 minutes

What Are The Best Japan Travel Tips?

Must-Have Local Apps In Japan?

  • Japan Travel by NAVITIME - An all-around application to help you find public wifi locations, ATMs, etc.
  • Ramen Beast - Helps you find the best places to go and eat ramen near you.
  • Ecbo Cloak - Show you luggage storage locations nearby.
  • VoiceTra - For learning Japanese phrases.
  • Japan Transit Planner - For navigating public transport.

Which Are The Things You Should Know For Your Upcoming Trip To Japan?

  • Sim card providers - Mobal, Sakura Mobile, IIJmio, and B-mobile.
  • Currency used - Japanese Yen.
  • Exchange rate - (€1 - ¥150.51) ($1 - 136.73¥).
  • Even though Japan is a very developed country, cash is still the preferred way to pay among many, especially if you want to pay small amounts. Anyone who wants to withdraw money should do so in one of the many 7-Eleven stores; their ATMs accept the highest amount of foreign bank cards, whereas most banks won't accept foreign cards. Plus, their withdrawal fees are budget-friendly.
  • There are some tourist traps that past visitors have fallen victim to in Japan, like employees dropping your chance and they pick it up but giving you fake money back and beggars who pretend to have a baby while you give them money; a nearby person is watching where you put your wallet to snatch it. Japan is an extremely safe country, one of the safest in the world actually, so don't worry, but always have your wits about you.
  • Japan has several festivals and bank holidays, which may result in the tourist attractions you want to see being shut down. Dates like the Japanese New Year (January 1st) and the Emperor's Birthday (February 23rd) may result in some closures.

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