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Popular cities in Malaysia

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Bus providers in Malaysia

    Zaim Express

    YOYO Express

    Yellow Star Express

    Utama Ekspres

    Unititi Express



    Trans MVS Express

    TransMalaya Ekspres

    Top Liner

    The One Travel & Tours

    Supernice Grassland

    Super 88 Express

    Sungei Merah

    Suasana Tony Coach

    Suasana Express

    Star Shuttle Express

    Star Coach Ekspres Sdn Bhd

    Star Coach Express

    S&S International Express

    Sri Maju Kangar

    Sri Maju Group


    SMB Ekspress

    Sin Yong

    Sanwa Express

    Sani Express

    Rhino Airiel Express

    Res2 Express

    Quickliner Express

    Queen Express

    Prisma Express


    Perdana Express

    Perak Transit

    Pancaran Matahari

    Pahang Lin Siong Motor Co Bhd

    Nishma Lestary (Naik Selalu)

    New Asian Express

    Neoliner Express

    Naza Express

    My Xpress

    Moraza Express

    Meridian Holidays

    Mayang Sari



    Lienadia Express

    Lapan Malayasia

    LA Holidays Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd

    KPB Seremban

    KPB (Kluang)

    KPB Ekspres

    Konsortium (Malaysia)

    KLIA Ekspress

    KKKL Express(LA Holidays)

    KKKL Express

    Kesatuan Express

    Kejora Masyhur Sdn.Bhd (Kejora Express)

    Joo Seng Travel

    Jasmine Express

    Jasa Pelangi Ekspres

    Intertop Express

    Intercity Coach

    Gurun Super Nice

    Go Genting

    GJG Express

    First Coach Malaysia

    Eva Express

    Etika Express

    Ekspres Mutiara

    Ekspres Musafir

    Edaran Ekspres

    ED Airilariana

    Darul Iman Express

    CS Travel and Tours

    Cosmic Express

    City Holidays Express

    Cepat Cekap

    Central Pahang Omnibus

    Causeway Link

    Bulan Restu

    Billion Stars Express

    Ayu Express

    Arwana Express

    Arwana Ekspres

    Alya Xpress

    Alif Bata AQM Enterprise

    Airport Coach Sdn Bhd


    Adik Beradik

    Adam Ekspres

Train companies in Malaysia

    KLIA Ekspress

    Express Rail Link

Cheapest month to fly to Malaysia

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Showing prices in GBP

Annual Avg. Price284 GBP
January 2023254 GBP
February 2023252 GBP
March 2023236 GBP
April 2023260 GBP
May 2023256 GBP
June 2023258 GBP
July 2023360 GBP
August 2023345 GBP
September 2023279 GBP
October 2023284 GBP
November 2023305 GBP
December 2023326 GBP

Explore Malaysia

The country in Asia where the official language is Malaysian and the currency Ringgit (RM) (MYR), this is Malaysia.

The country is full of lovely places and natural areas to see. The most popular city is Kuala Lumpur with all its historical parts.

Other cities, which are good to go to are Seberang Perai, Subang Jaya, George Town, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya.

During your trip around Malaysia, you can try Nasi Lemak, Hokkien Mee, Nasi Goreng, Char Kuay Teow, Rendang and many other local food.

Malaysia has more than two airports where you can arrive from all over the world. And the biggest ones you can arrive at are Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL), Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI), Penang International Airport (PEN), Langkawi International Airport (LGK), Kuching International Airport (KCH), Senai International Airport (JHB), Miri Airport (MYY), Sultan Abdul Halim Airport (AOR), Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (KBR), Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG), Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport (SZB), Sibu Airport (SBW), Bintulu Airport (BTU), Labuan Airport (LBU), Sandakan Airport (SDK), Tawau Airport (TWU), Mulu Airport (MZV), Kuantan Airport (KUA), Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IPH), Long Lellang Airport (LGL), Long Seridan Airport (ODN), Limbang Airport (LMN), Mukah Airport (MKM), Marudi Airport (MUR), Bakalalan Airport (BKM), Lawas Airport (LWY), Bario Airport (BBN), Lahad Datu Airport (LDU), Kudat Airport (KUD), Long Banga Airport (LBP).

Malaysia accepts Ringgit (RM) (MYR). Therefore, we advise you to exchange money before your trip for the best rates.

With a population of roughly 32.73 million, Malaysia is one of the top 100 most populated countries in the world.

Malaysia shares borders with Thailand, Brunei.

Malaysia has a equatorial climate. If you are coming from Europe where the climate is more temperate, it would be nice to to take light clothes made out of breathable materials.

Malaysia COVID-19 travel restrictions

Your trip summary

Most travelers from London, LHR can enter Malaysia, but there are restrictions.


Visa requirements
  • Visa is not required


Travel restrictions
  • Travel is allowed
  • Proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result is not required
  • Quarantine is not required
Visa requirements
  • Visa is not required

Information is provided as guidance only and accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites and airline materials before booking and traveling.

Learn more about COVID-19 restrictions in Malaysia in our dedicated Stories article.

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