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In the southern part of North America is Mexico, one of the world's most visited destinations. Travelers can enough of this fantastic country for several reasons; its rich culture and history are evident through colorful colonial cities like Oaxaca, tropical beaches such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, and vibrant nightlife in Playa Del Carmen.

When some people hear Mexico, they immediately think of danger, but in fact, some places to go are safe for tourists once they take the necessary precautions.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Mexico

The best time to visit Mexico entirely depends on what tourist attractions you want to see and how you want to spend your time.

If you're looking to hit the beaches and soak up the sun, you should visit Mexico in the winter, also known as the dry season, from November to April, with temperatures ranging between 20°C and 30°C. But, if you're visiting places like Cancun and Tulum, you should book your accommodation as soon as you know the dates you're traveling, especially if you plan on staying in a resort as the influx of tourists drastically increases.

However, if you want to experience traditional Mexican festivals like the Day of the Dead Festival, then October and November are ideal months to visit.

Bear in mind that Mexico's hurricane season runs through the off-season from June until November in the summer. Although the chance of one occurring is unlikely, they have occurred in the past. For those who travel on a budget, this is an excellent time to travel to Mexico as everything is much more affordable, from day trips to Chichén Itzá to flights to expensive vacation spots like Mexico City.

Cheapest month to fly to Mexico

Annual Avg. Price328 GBP
June 2024263 GBP
July 2024296 GBP
August 2024272 GBP
September 2024334 GBP
October 2024279 GBP
November 2024334 GBP
December 2024334 GBP
January 2025334 GBP
February 2025339 GBP
March 2025339 GBP
April 2025405 GBP
May 2025405 GBP

How To Get Around Mexico

Modes Of Transport In Mexico

Mode of transport
Price per person/ride
Where to buy a ticket/catch a taxi
Additional info
Domestic flights
€34.00 - one way
Have copies of your tickets even if you have them on your phone, just in case you’re asked for them.
  • City to city - average €22.00
  • internal city - average €0.31 one way.
Through the bus company’s website or
For a low cost journey, take a chicken bus. Locals use them, and they’re much cheaper than the more commercialized companies.
€0.78 per mile
Pay the driver
Establish the price with the driver beforehand or ask them to put on the meter. If they refuse, wait for the next one.

How To Get From The Airport To The City Center

Airport name
Nearest biggest city
Mode of transport
Price per person/ride
Mexico City International Airport (MEX)
Mexico City
20 minutes
Cancun International Airport (CUN)
35 minutes
Oaxaca International Airport (MXP)
45 minutes

What Are The Best Travel Tips For Mexico

Must-Have Local Apps In Mexico

  • Mex Rent A Car - Affordable car hire.
  • Rappi - Food delivery.
  • Hostelworld - A budget-friendly application for booking hostels.
  • Busbud - For booking bus journeys.

Which Are The Things You Should Know For Your Upcoming Trip To Mexico?

  • Sim card providers - Holafly, Simoptions Card, and Telcel Sim Card
  • Currency used - Mexican Pesos
  • Exchange rate - ($1 - MXN$ 17.93) - (€1 - MXN$ 19.64)
  • Cash is the easiest way to pay for goods and services in Mexico, so you should exchange money as soon as you touch down. Instead of withdrawing money, bring some dollars and change them at one of the kiosks, as the rate you'll be given is far more favorable.
  • Similar to other famous vacation spots, there are some tourist traps in Mexico even the most experienced travelers should watch out for, from restaurants that brand themselves as five-star establishments and serve mediocre food at exorbitant prices to pickpockets.
  • Bank holidays are a time for celebration in Mexico, but they can impact your trip as a tourist, whether it's closures or limited booking times for a certain attraction. Dates like March 21st (the birthday of Benito Juarez), September 16th (Independence Day), and November 2nd (Day of the Dead) are all dates to keep an eye on.

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