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Annual Avg. Price861 GBP
March 20231003 GBP
April 2023830 GBP
May 2023794 GBP
June 2023828 GBP
July 20231021 GBP
August 2023841 GBP
September 2023848 GBP
October 2023830 GBP
November 2023756 GBP
December 2023894 GBP
January 2024773 GBP
February 2024913 GBP

Travel to Palau

Palau is an attractive country which you need to go to.

Ngerulmud is the capital and also one of the popular cities.

Other cities which are good to go to are Koror, Koror Town.

During your journey around Palau, you can taste Taro Rösti, Udon (Palau), Ulkoy, Tama, fruit bat soup and other local food.

Palau uses United States dollar (USD). Therefore, we recommend you to exchange money before your trip for the best rates.

Nowadays, almost 0.02 million individuals live in Palau.

The official language of Palau is Palauan. Whilst the majority of residents speak Palauan, it is not uncommon to hear people speaking in English, Japanese, Tobian, Sonsorolese – these are the languages most used in Palau.

Palau has a tropical rainforest climate. When packing for your trip to Palau, check if you have all the essentials such as your passport, travel tickets, a camera to take great pictures, chargers or power banks.

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