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The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and has become one of the continent’s most popular destinations for international travelers. Tourism figures continue to skyrocket, with over 20 million people crossing the borders into the Czech Republic each year — statistics like that come with good reason.

The landlocked country is a cultural hub, hosting 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From majestic castles to period towns, the Czech Republic generously rewards travelers interested in European history.

When is the best time to visit the Czech Republic?

Late spring and early autumn are considered the best times to visit the Czech Republic. Perfect weather and smaller crowds are the main contributing factors to why people enjoy traveling to the Czech Republic at these times of the year.

Cheapest month to fly to Czechia

Annual Avg. Price29 GBP
July 202474 GBP
August 202420 GBP
September 202418 GBP
October 202424 GBP
November 202418 GBP
December 202431 GBP
January 202520 GBP
February 202520 GBP
March 202520 GBP
April 202531 GBP
May 202539 GBP
June 202531 GBP

When is the cheapest time of year to visit the Czech Republic?

Late spring is considered the cheapest time of year for tourists to go to the Czech Republic.

How to get around the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a famously reliable transportation system. Public transport throughout all major cities is clean and efficient. And the country hosts one of the world’s most comprehensive rail networks, making travel between towns and cities very easy.

Public transport in Czech Rep.

Prague is the only city in the Czech Republic with an underground train system — a network that exists in conjunction with the city’s tram and bus services. Whilst Brno — another major location — doesn’t have its own metro, like Prague, it does have an equally dependable tram system. Other major cities like Olomouc and Plzen also have great transit infrastructure.

Trains in the Czech Republic

As said, for intercity travel, the Czech Republic’s train services are highly recommended. Not only is the network extensive, but tourists can enjoy discounted tickets when traveling in groups. Advanced bookings are recommended on popular routes.

Cycling in Czech Rep.

Cycling is also a popular form of local transport. Most major Czech cities have plenty of bike rental businesses.

Notable Bike Rental Businesses

  • OKOLO Bikes - large bike rental business in Prague
  • Praha Bike - bike rental business that offers delivery throughout the Czech Republic
  • Rekola - bike rental available throughout much of the Czech Republic
  • Nextbike - widely available bike rental scheme

How to get from the airport to the main cities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s main airport is Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG). Those looking to travel from the airport to the city should use the Aeroport Express bus service that runs to Prague’s main train station.

The Czech Republic’s second largest airport operates in Brno – Brno–Tuřany Airport (BRQ). As with Prague, the best mode of transport from the airport is the bus. The bus E76 goes to the city center.

If you find yourselves arriving in the Czech Republic late at night, you can always rely on car-sharing services like Uber and Bolt.

Airport name
Biggest city nearby
Mode of transport
Price per person
Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG)
  • Aeroport Express bus service
  • 40 minutes by bus on average
  • €2.50
Brno–Tuřany Airport (BRQ)
  • Bus E76
  • Night bus N89
  • 20 minutes on average
  • €1

Plan your trip to the Czech Republic

Must-have local apps in Czech Rep.

  • DameJidlo for ordering food delivery to your location
  • is ideal for getting around, especially for hikes and bike routes
  • Idos for checking public transport timetables
  • Rekola - bike sharing service
  • Uber and Liftago - car sharing services

Other useful things to know before the trip to the Czech Republic

Socket type

C and E plug sockets

Czech curreny

Czech koruna (CZK)

Exchange rate

€1 is 24.58 CZK

$1 is 24.17 CZK

Tourist pass

  • Prague Card - a sightseeing pass specifically for the nation’s capital. You can get free access to over 60 different attractions (such as Prague Castle) and a free bus tour around the city. The card also allows you to take advantage of discounts on dozens of further attractions and entertainment.
  • Eurail Czech Republic Pass - a rail pass for those looking to see as much of the Czech Republic as possible. You can take as many trains as you wish over set periods of time.
  • BRNOPAS - similar to the Prague Card, BRNOPAS is a tourist card that grants you access to the city’s top attractions. Further discounts are given at other sites.

Wi-Fi Availability

  • Most shopping centers throughout Prague offer free wifi, making browsing on the go very easy. Other major cities all boast extensive lists of wifi hotspots.
  • In an emergency, common fast food outlets are great places to go for a quick and easy wifi connection.
  • Resources like are great for those who want to stay connected.

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