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The country in Europe where the official language is Slovak and the currency Euro (EUR), this is Slovakia.

Not only is Bratislava the capital city, but it is also one of the most visited tourist destinations by far.

Other cities which are good to explore are Bratislava, Kosice.

During your journey around Slovakia, you can try halušky, lokše, bryndzové pirohy, buchty, kotlíkový guláš and other local food.

If you arrive at Bratislava Airport (BTS) in Bratislava, which is also the biggest airport in the country, and you’re going to any other city, no worries. It takes a few hours to get to any city within the country.

Slovakia uses Euro. If you’re coming from a country where the currency is other than Euro, it would be a good idea to exchange money before visiting Slovakia.

Nowadays, almost 5.4 million residents live in Slovakia.

The official language of Slovakia is Slovak. Whilst the majority of individuals speak Slovak, it is usual to hear conversations in Hungarian, Rusyn, Czech, English, German – these are the languages most used in Slovakia.

Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic share borders with Slovakia.

Slovakia has temperate climate which is similar to the rest of countries in that part of the world. If you travel to Slovakia during the summer, then you don’t need to take warm clothes with you as the weather is usually nice and balmy. Although if you are arriving at the end of the summer you might want to bring a light jacket with you as it can get a bit cold in the evenings. Nevertheless, when you’re travelling to Slovakia we recommend you to check the weather forecast before your trip to be prepared for any situation.

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