’s solutions for your business offers a wide range of business solutions for partners of all sizes from ready-to-use widgets to solutions that can be custom developed and fully tailored to meet the unique requirements of more complex partners.

What can offer to your business?

  • Unique inventory consisting of both direct and combined low-cost flights
  • Cheaper prices for many routes (see the example below)
  • Inspirational search - wide range of dates and radius search for getting the best results
  • FlashFares (extremely fast search, realtime flight combinations)
  • 100%
    • 100% of world low-cost carriers in the list and adding new every day
    • Average fare age < 2 hours
    • Useful for calendars, fare maps, Price Alerts etc. (See the examples below)
  • Connecting flight guarantee
    • In case of cancellation/delay of any of the legs resulting in missing another leg we either buy an alternative flight or issue a full refund
    • In case user gets stuck at the airport due to the above stated reason we buy the first available flight to his destination (economy class only)
    • Conditions apply

We have something more for you if you are...

Online Travel Agent

  • Whole itinerary bookable via API
  • Above-average margin

Meta Search Engine and Affiliates

  • Above-average commission
  • Customizable Deeplinks, Static and Dynamic Banners
  • Search Widgets

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