Founded in 2012 as, and thanks to angel investment from the well-known Czech entrepreneur Jiří Hlavenka, we started developing a unique flight combining algorithm, connecting not only cooperating airlines, but almost all of them - calling the process “Virtual Interlining”. In late 2013, we were further backed by an investment from Touzimsky Airlines s.r.o., a part of the venture capital group Touzimsky Kapital. Shortly after closing the deal we acquired the Czech flight search engine, which helped us boost our user count and revenue growth, and allowed us to focus on further development of our product. All this started to yield remarkable results by the beginning of 2015. To support our exponential growth, Ondřej Tomek, the co-founder of the second-largest Czech search engine and a successful e-commerce investor, invested 1M EUR, bringing also years of experience to the table.

After four years of operation, and a record 1500% growth in revenues in 2015, changed its name to in May 2016. Find out more about our name change.

For investment related queries please contact our CFO Juraj Strieženec at