Flight price alerts

Have you got your eye on a particular trip? With Kiwi.com’s flight price alerts, there’s no need to keep searching for the same route again and again. When you sign up for price alerts, you get notified when the price for your chosen trip drops so you can snap up the best deal. Because our Kiwi-Code checks over 2 billion prices every day, you know you’re getting the most up-to-date quotes.

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What are Kiwi.com’s price alerts?

Price alerts let you know when prices drop for a route you’re looking to book, eliminating the need for you to keep checking for the best deal. Set up a price alert on the particular trip you want to take, and we’ll do the searching for you, letting you know via email or push notification when the price changes.

How to set up price alerts

If you search for a specific route and it costs a little too much for you, toggle the ‘Set up price alerts’ slider (or tap the bell icon in the app), let us know your contact details, and we’ll let you know when the price drops. Our powerful Kiwi-Code is constantly checking prices from hundreds of different carriers around the globe, so you don’t have to worry about missing a great deal.

What makes Kiwi.com’s price alerts a great travel hack

  • You can set it up with just one click on the Kiwi.com website or in the app
  • It makes great use of flight prices constantly being checked by our Kiwi-Code
  • It allows you to book your trip extremely quickly as alerts are sent straight to your device — simply tap to secure your seat
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Frequently asked questions about price alerts

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Travel search features

Search to: Anywhere

Other custom search filters on Kiwi.com include:

  • Time of stay: set a concrete or flexible time frame for how long you’d like to stay
  • Interactive calendar: shows you prices for each day of the month so you can select the best deal
  • Set price range: only search for trips within your budget
  • Airport radius: search for trips that start or end within a set radius of your departure or destination, so that you can find a cheaper flight from or to a nearby airport
  • Transport: choose from airplane, bus, and train routes, or a combination of all three
  • Carriers: search for your preferred airline, train or bus operator
  • Exclude countries: remove routes that go via countries you think might be difficult or inconvenient to enter, such as countries with visa or Covid-19 related travel restrictions
  • Times: depart or arrive at a certain time of day
  • Duration: choose a maximum travel time
  • Days: pick the day of the week that's most convenient for you to travel

Kiwi.com Guarantee

  • protection against unexpected schedule changes
  • accommodation and contribution towards airport transfer costs
  • contribution towards refreshment costs
  • an alternative itinerary or refund

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Flight price alerts

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